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Table of Contents

🛫 Launching Your Community

The Pre-Launch Checklist

Is your community ready for members to arrive? Make sure you have everything below checked off before you send off your invite emails!





Finishing Touches

⚙️ Settings


Settings > Branding

Choosing your Logo

Settings > Branding > Update Logo

If you already have a logo for your business, great! This is the place to put that. If not, we recommend using a clear icon, acronym, or simple image of choice. Since the logo is only a small circle, avoid putting anything too detailed or text-heavy in your logo. For more information see our Graphics Guidelines.

Choosing your Cover Photo

Settings > Branding > Update

Your cover photo will be the main visual that members see when they land on the homepage of your community. Since the cover photo is much larger than the logo, this is a good space to introduce a more detailed visual. However, you should make sure whatever image you use is 1) large enough to avoid pixelation 2) horizontally oriented so it doesn't get cropped, and 3) ideally text-free, as the page title is displayed over the cover photo. For more detailed information on how our cover photos scale across different screen size, see our Graphics Guidelines.

Choosing your Accent Color

Settings > Branding > Accent Color

Your accent color is a great opportunity to further showcase your brand. It will show up in all spaces and cards you've opted to go without cover photos, as well as in some icons and buttons. Make sure the color is dark enough that white text can easily be read on top of it! We automatically generate a lighter secondary accent color, which you'll see generated for any courses, events, and groups that you haven't designated custom icons for.

Choosing Menu and Page Color

Settings > Branding > Menu / Page Color

We default the background of our Spaces to a light grey and the left side menu to white, as we've found that to be the winning combo, but you're welcome to flip this if you'd like!

Setting your Reply-To Email

Settings > Branding > Reply-To Email